Workforce Solutions

ApTask delivers a total contingent staffing workforce management solution (WFS) Our unrivaled experience and expertise helps companies achieve their strategic goals for workforce excellence, compliance and cost reduction—now and in the future. Our Managed Services Program encompasses all of the vital components of workforce planning including: statement of work management, risk mitigation and payroll processing; coupled with superior Vendor Management Solutions for year-over-year value creation.

Vendor Management Solutions

Our industry-leading Vendor Management Solution automates all contingent workforce management processes and includes a clear best-of-breed suite of reporting and analytic tools delivering strategic business intelligence. Encompassing all labor types and for companies of any size or structure, ApTask’s VMS is a proven solution for clients of all sizes.

Risk Management Solutions

With ApTask WFS Compliance and Risk Management, your organization will be air-tight compliant with ironclad audit support from the best experts in the field. The integrity of our professionals and proven methodologies is unparalleled in the human capital industry. This along with a record of completed compliance evaluations that reflect not a single recommendation ever overturned in an audit, positions ApTask as the RMS partner you can rely on.

Resulting competition and rising consumer demand is pushing more established industry players to overhaul their IT infrastructures. And, they are embracing online content distribution, digital rights and royalty management technologies to rationalize costs and create new revenue streams.

We build solutions that address the content-lifecycle and distribution concerns of our clients in the entertainment industry.

Payroll & Pass-Thru Services

The professional-level solution offered by ApTask is trusted by Fortune 500 companies across the globe. From employer-of-record services that offer a broad range of benefits and in-depth reporting, to flexible client programs – ApTask WFS delivers superior compliant payroll and pass-thru partnering that maximize the effectiveness of your contingent workforce.

Alumni Relations

Our Alumni Program lets you recapture and deploy alumni talent into contract positions at very aggressive prices, reducing workforce acquisition costs by nearly 40% and creating an ongoing savings program. ApTask will can create a private-label talent pool of retirees, former employees and former contractors that extends the power of your brand. You’re program will build proactive relationships with retirees and former employees while minimizing future competition for full-time and contingent talent.

White Label Recruiting

ApTask WFS will create a custom program to help you attract, recruit, and retain the top talent for your most critical jobs. Our White Label recruitment outsourcing model is based on proven methodologies that have revolutionized talent acquisition.

We help our clients:

  • Fill open positions faster
  • Improve the quality of hires
  • Provide efficiency to the overall recruitment process
  • Raise retention and employee effectiveness
  • Control costs